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Your questions answered

Q. Are the doors made to a certain standard?
A. All doors are manufactured to the Quality Management System ISO 9001, and all doors are CE marked to the European testing and standard of conformity. This is a first class superior product.

Q. Do you use higher grade Aluminum plates and channels?
A. SG Doors only use top quality aluminium plates and aluminium channels tested to conform to all requirements.

Q. What if I do place an order but then decide to cancel it, maybe my circumstances have changed?
A. Our terms and conditions of sale do allow for a seven day cancellation period, this is statutory law. It’s your right as a buyer. Full terms and conditions are provided at point of purchase.

Q. How do I place an order?
A. Our surveyor will assess your site to ensure the opening is suitable and look at other issues, for example the electric supply.
Q. What happens in the event of a power cut?
A. All roller garage doors are installed with a manual override. This enables you to open the door easily by hand.

Q. What maintenance is required?
A. The doors are maintenance free. 

Q. What are the doors made of?
A. All doors are made of double-skinned aluminium, insulated with CFC free foam.

Q. Do you dispose of my old door?
A. Yes, this service is free of charge. 

Q. Do your doors come with a guarantee?
A. Yes, all of our doors have a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty covering all parts and labour.

Q. How do you connect the power supply?
A. There needs to be some power inside the garage. It can simply be plugged into a normal three-pinned socket, or wired into a 13amp fused spur if one is available.